Unianio - is Unity Engine Animation Framework for Procedural Animations. Open source project available at https://github.com/vbodurov/unianio-framework

The main advantage of procedural animations compared to traditional animations is that they are not opaque black boxes and you can attach any animation parameter to any external constraint. They can be much more synchronized with the environment.

Below you can see some code snippets of how procedural animation could be defined.

Walk Animation Code: https://github.com/vbodurov/unianio-framework/blob/v0.9.0/Unianio_Framework_Project/Assets/Unianio_Framework/UnianioDemos/Demo01/Animations/WalkAni.cs


If you need to execute some long running task on the background in Unity, you may find this tool I just wrote, useful. This is BackgroundWorker for Unity 3D

BackGround Worker for Unity3D

You will only need the class BackgroundWorker

It worth noting that a lot of seemingly background tasks can be implemented with Unity Coroutines. For example using WWW service to send or receive data from a remote server. Or any case where we just wait for a response from a remote computer.